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Vulnerable communities support programs

Over the years Saq B’e has supported many programs that serve marginalized people in southwestern Guatemala. These groups include children, the elderly, and indigenous women. The indigenous people in Guatemala are most affected by poverty. The World Bank reports 80% live in poverty, and 40% live in extreme poverty.


To successfully implement these programs, Saq B’e works in collaboration with local institutions and alliances such as the municipalities, local government, humanitarian organizations, churches, and health centers.


Programs include:

  • Seniors Day Center Bethesda - a program in Champerico, Retalhuleu, supporting seniors who are abandoned or have relatives who are unable to provide care. The program provides physical therapy, basic healthcare, nutritious meals, recreation, and spiritual support.Since our involvement, seniors in this program have improved their weight, overall health, and self-esteem.

  • A multi-year HIV/AIDS program completed in 2020 included education and improved quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDs. Many HIV/AIDS patients are rejected by their family, community, and churches, and are abandoned to a lonely death. The program also included scholarships for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.

  • Saq B’e has also managed multiple programs providing literacy and healthcare to indigenous communities.

Meet our Leadership Team.

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