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Disaster mitigation & relief programs

Natural disasters resulting from flooding, mud slides and volcanic eruptions threaten economic growth, lives and livelihoods, and are common occurrences in southwestern Guatemala. Guatemala is consistently ranked in the top ten countries globally in terms of risk of natural disaster by the World Risk Index and has the second highest indicator of vulnerability in Latin America according to the LAC-INFORM index.

Since 2005, Saq B’e disaster mitigation and response programs have benefited over 8,000 families (35,000 individuals), across 55 communities in southwestern Guatemala. Saq B’e is uniquely equipped to respond to local catastrophes because of its network of nonprofit organizations and trained volunteers across the region. As a member of ROCA Guatemalan network, Saq B’e also provides workshops to community groups on issues related to disaster preparedness, climate change, and risk management.


Almost 4 million Guatemalans - about 25% of the population - are in an emergency food crisis as a result of COVID-19 and need urgent support. In 2020 Saq B’e administered economic aid to over forty communities.


Saq B’e has supported many disaster response initiatives including:

  • 2018 eruption Volcán de Fuego - emergency response in coordination with the Roca Guatemala Network.

  • 2012 earthquake - food and construction of housing in the devastated community of San Marcos.

  • 2011 tropical depression Twelve E - food support for over two thousand families whose crops were destroyed by flooding.

  • 2010 tropical storm Agatha and Alex - construction and remodeling of damaged homes.

  • 2005 hurricane Stan - provided food, clothing, medicine, and treatment. Supported relocation of two communities, constructing housing and basic infrastructure.

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