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About us

Saq B’e was formed in 2005 by members of a church in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to assist their community after the devastation of hurricane Stan. 

Saq B’e (pronounced soc bay) is a Mayan phrase meaning the “way of light”, a path toward honesty, progress, and wellness.

Who we serve

Saq B’e serves rural families in southwestern Guatemala who earn less than $2 per day including vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and indigenous women. According to the World Bank, 60% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line, and 23% live in extreme poverty.


While southwestern Guatemala has many valuable resources, poverty in the region is the result of centuries of oppression of indigenous and mestizo people, lack of access to credit, poor public education and healthcare, and limited job training opportunities. The region also still feels the impact of over thirty years of civil conflict which ended in 1996. Hopelessness pervades communities who feel marginalized and incapable of changing their situation.

Since 2005, Association Saq B’e’s programs have benefited more than 20,000 families. 

Guiding principles

  • Our actions, work, and service are guided by the Biblical principles of love, equity, justice, and compassion. While we are faith-based, our programs don’t discriminate based on faith.

  • We believe each person has been created in God’s image, and therefore, should have the dignity and opportunity to reach his or her potential as a member of their community.

  • We practice good stewardship principles in our approach to natural resource management.

  • We work collaboratively with other like-minded organizations and promote the participation of the local church in the transformation of their communities.

  • We value transparency and accountability.

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