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Meet The Team

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Vianney Vasquez


As a founding member of Association Saq B’e, Vianney has been a vital part of the organization’s success. As program director, Vianney oversees all aspects of programming and operations for Saq B’e. Vianney has an undergraduate degree in systems engineering and a masters degree in sustainable development.


Samuel España


As a founding member of Association Saq B’e and General Programs Manager, Samuel oversees all aspects of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Saq B’e program. Samuel has an undergraduate degree in Theology and Physical Therapy. He is also a pastor of Jehová Jireh Church in Quetzaltenango.

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Gezer Pérez


Gezer's provides technical assistance to Saq B’e’s Agriculture & Economic Development and Disaster Mitigation & Relief programs. Gezer has an undergraduate degree in agriculture engineering and studies in Theology.


Marion Alvarado


Madian supports the financial and accounting area of Saq B'e and oversees the micro-loans program. Madian is completing her fourth year of the public accountant and auditor university degree. 

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Board of Directors

The board of directors of Association Saq B'e is composed of many professionals and volunteers, men and women who give their time, advice, and support whenever necessary.

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